Kagando Hospital Medics lay down tools, patients left to die


KASESE– Patients’ lives at Kagando Hospital in Kasese district were on Friday left in God’s hands after medical workers announced a sit down strike.

The medical workers (Nurses and Midwives) at the facility under their umbrella Kagando Hospital Private Bag Kasese Uganda announced their peaceful demonstration on Friday 23rd July 2021 following their dissatisfaction with the actions of the facility administrators.

According to these medical workers, Kagando Hospital administration has used a system of top to bottom kind of administration where the leaders decide on their behalf without allowing the nursing department to sit in the management meetings in disguise the medical director being in attendance. 

Medical workers also noted that some of the offices in Kagando hospital have been suppressed by the office of the medical director such as; The PNO’s office, The project administrator’s office and the Procurement Office.

Nurses and Midwives have shown disatisfaction with the Staff welfare in terms of motivation, incentives and medical treatment and care.

They note that fellows who contract the virus are less cared for as the hospital provides only Ugx 200,000 for the whole year forgetting that not all medication prescribed will never be given.

The Medical workers called for an explanation about the two shifts as per management decision wondering if their  salary be the same or increased and if the facility will reduce on the working days as per labor law as well as requesting that Kagando hospital human resource policy be revised.

Medical workers wondered how staff who come from far be allocated night duties yet staff quarters were allocated to cadres who don’t attend to night duties  forgetting that in the contract appointments given to them there is that provision of transport refund.

The medics stressed that pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are considered for the scheduled 12 working hours yet they are immune suppressed and the breastfeeding ones have no time to care for their children yet they are not allowed to bring them on wards.

According to the medical workers, the nurses are always maliced, working on patients in a tired and stressful environment yet they receive little pay and the hospital expects quality work from them.

They noted that even after having seen that the hospital has many volunteers and nursing experiencers, the medical director keeps pestering nursing department that it has many numbers forgetting that the mentioned above end up doing work that is not paid for.

The workers compensation Act 2000 entitles employees to automatic compensation of any personal injury from an accident arising out and in the course of his employment even if the injury results from the employee’s negligence. The article further states that everyone who works has the right to just and favorable remuneration ensuring for himself and his family an existence worthy of human dignity and supplemented if necessary, by other means of social protection, and that everyone has the right to form and to join trade unions for the protection of his interests.

Medical workers noted that article 24 of the universal declaration likewise advocates that, everyone has the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable limitations of working hours and periodic holidays with pay.

“From a practical trajectory, the existing regulatory policy in Uganda-an eight-hour work day and a 40-hour week work week-with extra hours payable as overtime, remains one of the prime products of labor movement campaigns”, Medical workers added.

They noted that they have bared all the above challenges and during the last lockdown management decided to reduce on the labor force and reduced the salaries to 80%.In March they returned back 10% meaning they are earning 90% and we they still quiet.

“Will all these be considered to be paid as arrieros or!”, Medical workers questioned.

 Our Lord Bishop we think the aim of Kagando as it is on the foundation of the church is no more. 

Medical workers noted that most of the tenders are given to the same and common persons whom they hear are relative of the first family of Kagando and pay in some money to be considered as successful and therefore demanded the DHO to explain whether government does sent funds to supplement the budget of Kagando other than government seconded staff because Kagando bills get higher day and night yet few results are yielded.

They also demanded an explanation on the RBF funds that have been sent to Kagando for they still demand the last quarter that came before BTC ceased. “We also ask the office of the financial controller why NSSF pay delays and if paid the money comes in installments” they added.

Medical workers petitioned the offices of Bishop and DHO to provide a full-time physician and surgeon to Kagando hospital as they are the people who make a lot of money not the pediatrician who is only for office work and also the explanation from the executive director to explain how the training fee paid by the nursing school is spent since they are the ones who keep with the students much time during hospital placement and signing the assessment tool books.

“We also ask for clarification on the workshops or trainings that take place here at Kagando whether Mr. DHO you do send money to facilitate them or you don’t.”, Medics added.

According to them, the community thinks that Kagando hospital has been privately owned by some individuals within the hospital administration and this has led to increased bills and as a result low turn-up of clients. 

“Therefore, community people need explanation from the Bishop and Executive Director’s office.The community also needs clarification on the different and many offices moved too in seeking services at Kagando hospital”, they noted.

They however extended the community appreciation for the water project so far since DR/Can/Rev Kiriaghe Uzziah joined the office but noted that it seems the same project is owned by some individuals which the ED may not be among because some parts of the community and other families have no water purposely because they have not put in some money through those individuals to be connected on the main stream.

Medics concluded that basing on the above challenges if considered they need the following offices to be replaced for the resurrection of a new Kagando;The office of the medical director if possible DHO to leave here with her.The office of the financial controller.

Medical workers listed the key issues which need serious and immediate attention for the lay down of their tools which included; Two shifts which they termed as overtime, The current medical director out of office with immediate effect if not no more going back for duty, The office of the financial controller and its sub units, Urgent review of the medical bills that have led to a total low turn of patients in the hospital.

They attached the list of the nurses and midwives who appended their signatures and have compiled the above factors.