RUKUNGIRI-Local council leaders have been advised to use their positions in handling cases carefully not basing on their personal interests if they’re to avoid being in trouble.

The call was made by the Rukungiri central police community Liaison Officer AIP. John Barigahare while speaking to the angry residents of Nyakihanga cell, Karangaro ward Western division in Rukungiri Municipality who accused one of the residents of witchcraft.

The residents accused Ahabwe Selestino whom they say has become a problem in their area revealing that he uses his gods to curse other people and distablise their living styles.

The intimidations made by the residents on Ahabwe and his family forced him to report the case to the police to save his life. Speaking to the residents, AIP. Barigahare explained that most of local leaders use their positions to mistreat others while handling such issues encouraging them to shun the habit if they’re to ensure sanity in community.

He added that there is no evidence for witchcraft encouraging residents to avoid taking laws in their hands while punishing such kind of people confirming that whoever involves in such criminal will face it hard.

Barigahare continued requesting people to avoid peers in case they are called to been attacking him during night threatening to kill him.

The area chairperson Karimagyezi Justus said that older people in the same area have not played their roles in educating people on handling local cases.

He however said that Police never made thorough investigations in such kind of cases leaving people unsatisfied hence criminal acts.

play part in mob to suspected people of witchcrafting.

Ahabwe Selestino the complainant expressed concern that his younger and older brothers have