Rukungiri district PWDs councilor exchanges bitterly with CAO over industrial land


RUKUNGIRI- It was a bitter exchange of words between the Rukungiri District Chief Administrative Officer and the councilor representing people with Disability over the industrial park land.

The exchange left the District council speechless during their first council meeting held today as the Councilor demanded the CAO to explain how they reached a decision to offer their land for the industrial park that was on order paper.

CAO Elias Byamungu turned against Canon. Matsiko David the male councilor representing PWDs after telling the house that his life is in trouble with numerous intimidations originating from opposing the construction of industrial park on 203 acres of PWDs land in Bwambara Sub County.

Canon Matsiko highlighted to the council that he is in support of the government’s Industrial park project but worried since some people he never mentioned continue threatening him tagging him to opposing the project.

He told the council that together with the PWDs agreed with district leaders to look for another land in exchange of what they offered to the district.

Can Matsiko revealed that no one should tarnish his name since he has protected the said land from grabbers since 1995 adding that there’s no way he can go against the development they have been longing for.

CAO Byamungu in his turn rubbished Canon Matsiko leaving the whole house speechless and wondering about the duo’s submissions.

Byamungu said that Canon Matsiko is most dishonest man who was trying to personalize the land title of the contested land with an intention to own it.

The CAO went on to explain that the contested land was only benefiting Canon Matsiko and another one only identified as Muhammad whom they have together been receiving money from donors without the District’s knowledge.

Byamungu however stressed that Matsiko is a corrupt and selfseeker who thinks about his welfare not the PWDs they lead.

On 18th August 2021, the Minister of state for finance in charge of investments and privatization, Hon. Evelyne Anite approved 203 acres of land in Bwambara Sub County, Rukungiri district to be used for the construction of an industrial park.