Angry Rukungiri residents convene meeting to excommunicate fellow over theft, false romours


RUKUNGIRI-Drama ensued in Omukidandari village, Kyaruyenje parish, Buhunga sub county Rukungiri district when angry residents summoned a one of their fellows over theft and spreading false news.

Residents alleged that Janet Kamusiime, a resident of the same address had made a norm of spreading information that women in that area practice witchcraft which they say is false.

Residents also accused Kamusiime of stealing their properties and impersonation stressing that that she claims to be the area woman councilor which they say is not the case.

Kamusiime was summoned in front of a meeting that was chaired by the area chairperson LC 3, attended by OC police station Buhunga, area councilors and chairpersons LC1’s in neighboring villages.

Speaking during the meeting, angry residents expressed their concern that Kamusiime left most of them with sleepless nights after spreading gossips that they practice witchcraft which they say brings bad image in their communities.

Lydia Kamusiime, Rodgers Twinomujuni, Naume Tumukuratire and Rossete Matsiko some of the residents explained that Janet has been stealing their properties requesting responsible leaders to advise her on how to live communally.

However Kamusiime trashed all the allegations against her stressing that they intend to blackmail her name revealing that she had never stole someone’s property or misinforming public on individuals practicing witch crafting since they never reported the case.

Benon Mugisha, the area sub-county asked residents to calm down stressing that their issues will be handled and also advocated for reconciliation between two parties.

OC Buhunga police station ASP. Obin Godfrey revealed that no one should disorganize someone’s peace explaining that if confirmed that Janet has been stealing and spreading false information, she will be charged according to the law.

By the end of the meeting, the accused [Janet] escaped and police is currently hunting for her to make the statement on the matter.