Hailstorm ravages Rukungiri Municipality, farmers count losses

Some of the destructed crops

RUKUNGIRI- Residents in Kitazigurukwa village, in Kanyinya
ward, southern division in Rukungiri municipality are living in much fear after hailstorm ravaged their area leaving all their crops destroyed.

The rain that started in the evening of Thursday 9th September 2021 was characterized by
hailstorms that left farmers in Kitazigurukwa village
counting losses after the destruction of their crops.

The hailstorm ravaged crops like cassava, maize, beans, banana trees,
potatoes among many others.

Lydia kengoro and  Asiimwe Rossete some of the victims expressed their worry
on how they will be feeding their children in the coming days especially during this hard time of covid 19 lockdown stressing that both
immature and ready crops were destroyed.

Gideon Turyamubugana, a councilor representing Kanyinya ward to the
Municipality council appealed to the government especially the office of prime
minister to intervene and help these farmers stressing that they are currently in worst situations.