“Relative peace, security restored in Greater Masaka”, Police


NEWS- Uganda Police Force has revealed that it has restored relative peace  and security in greater Masaka according to Fred Enanga the police spokesperson.

Enanga noted that these have been achieved mostly in the districts of Lwengo and Masaka.

“We inform the public that relative peace and security has been restored in the Greater Masaka District of Lwengo and Masaka”, Enanga said.

According to Police, the last incident of attack by the panga wielding assailants was on 2th September 2021 when there was  an attempted murder on Nakyanzi Maria Yozefu, 61 which occurred in Kyotera stressing that it is now 11 days without any new incident of attack in the two districts and or threats of anonymous letters in the area.

Enanga consiled the residents who are still living in fear and frustration assuring them that the Joint Security Task Teams are trying their very best to put an end to the senseless acts of violence that claimed a total of 26 innocent lives.

According to Police, an additional 4 suspects who include Faisal Kabuye 27, Frank Tamale 32, BernardbMusumba 22  and Badru Kirenga 47 were charged to court on the 10th September 2021 for the alleged murder of Kayemba Sowedi, a 29 year old businessman who was waylaid and hacked to death at Mpumudde village in Lwengo district.

In Police’s expansive investigations, 4 more suspects were tracked down and arrested from Kampala in connection with the vicious killings.

CP Enanga stressed that the Joint Security Agencies continue to maintain increased presence in the two districts in close coordination with local leaders, politicians, community groups and the media among others.

“We are jointly monitoring the situation and remain united in support for crime reduction and safety.  Our top priority remains pursuing all investigative leads and tracking down the remaining culprits, who from part of the vicious gang”, Enanga added.

The police spokesperson revealed that through enhanced assessments and risk analysis they have proactively mobilised local leaders and the youth to help prevent further attacks against the elderly and other vulnerable persons and also offered security tips to the elderly, local leaders, business owners and the community.

Although some local leaders were advocating for a strong arm type of policing, by arming the youth with pangas and related weapons,  Enanga strongly object to the arrangement and advise them to refrain from it since it can lead to further acts of violence.

“The residents should be in no doubt, because we are doing everything necessary to restore calm, safety and security”, Enanga comforted residents.

Enanga vowed to ensure everybody including the family members who lost their beloved ones and residents who lost their livelihoods get justice and that as security they are also prepared and will ensure all suspects arrested get justice through a fair and speedy trial.