Residents use community service to renovate poor roads in Rukungiri.


RUKUNGIRI-Residents in Villages of Rwabwingyi A, Rwenkuba, Rwamuninga, Rwakiriba and Rwakarisa all in Buhunga parish, Buhunga sub county in Rukungiri district are dissatisfied over poor state of community access roads especially Buhunga-Nkore road which connects Rukungiri and Mitooma districts.

Local residents are angry that roads only receive attention from authorities during the election period. According to Kyabobo Dezi, Barigye Banada, and Muhwezi Julius the area chairpersons LC1s, the said road was last renovated 10 years and since then they have been suffering.

The Chairpersons added that they have sent several letters to the sub county and district authorities giving a detailed description of the state of the roads but no action has been taken. Due to heavy rains, chairpersons confirmed that the state of the road has deteriorated the more forcing them to request the area residents to contribute some money to help in the renovation of their road since the government has kept a deaf ear.

They added that although people have contributed, it has not been enough revealing that they still need marram and culverts.

Godfrey Bamuturebye, Kabwere Silver, Akampurira Amos and Baguma Stephen some of the residents explained that the poor state of roads has negatively impacted on their accessibility of health services in their areas especially pregnant women. They added that as farmers they are lacking access to better market for their agricultural produce due to the bad state of the roads.

Kiconco Allen the Buhunga parish councilor told our reporter that she has on several occasions presented the said road in council meeting but no positive response has since been received.

Our reporter contacted Mugisha Benon commonly known as Aunt Mugisha the Buhunga sub county Chairperson who confirmed that it’s true, the Buhunga-Nkore road is impassable but resources are not enough to work on all feeder roads within Sub County at once. He calls upon the residents to also play part in renovating these roads as they wait for government’s intervention.