NRM caucus dismiss Museveni’s proposal on altercation bail

president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (courtesy photo)

NEWS-NRM Caucus has rejected a proposal by their party Chairman President Yoweri Museveni to scrap bail of murder suspects.

Earlier this week, Museveni re-echoed his call for murder suspects to be denied bail as he described the act of granting them bail as a provocation.

In the Caucus meeting held at Kololo yesterday, several MPs expressed major reservations against adopting Museveni’s proposal saying the law may be abused to hold innocent people in perpetuity without a fair trial.

Kasambya County MP, David Kabanda said the regime has lots of mafias that can easily use the law to frame others and keep them in jail.

The MPs instead want government institutions like the DPP and CIID to be strengthened to speed up investigations.

The meeting resolved to have the MPs carry out consultations on the proposal for a period of two weeks.