A total of 381 accidents registered in one week


NEWS-A total of 58 people have perished in 381 accidents countrywide in one week, police have revealed.

As a result, the traffic directorate has warned all drivers against flouting traffic regulations by driving beyond the prescribed speed limit, reckless riding by motorcyclists, drunk driving, and driving vehicles with defects to stop it forthwith.

According to the 2020 annual crime report, there was a 4.7% reduction in the number of traffic accidents reported in 2020. There were 12,858 accidents reported in 2019 compared to 12,249 accidents reported in 2020.

According to Nampiima, the traffic department in Kampala Metropolitan Police area conducted an operation against motorists who drive vehicles with registration number plates, and 29 of them were impounded on October 24.

Under section 152 (2) of the Traffic Act (as amended in 2020), if a motor vehicle, trailer, or engineering plant is condemned or is unfit for the purpose for which it is being used and is likely to be a danger to any person until it has been repaired, the vehicle inspector shall immediately remove the vehicle’s registration plates and return them to the licensing officer.

In case of loss or theft of the vehicle’s number plate, Nampiima advised motorists to report to police and follow the procedures given to them.

She said violation of the procedures attracts a penalty of 40 currency points upon conviction (sh800,000) or imprisonment of between one and two years, or both.

The traffic directorate also reminded Public Service Vehicle (PSV) operators to adhere to the COVID-19 standard operating procedures and desist from carrying passengers at full capacity.

While addressing the nation and easing more lockdown restrictions on September 22, President Yoweri Museveni allowed PSVs to carry passengers at half their capacity.

All motorcyclists who have fitted their registration number plates in a manner not prescribed under the law or those whose number plates are obscured, have been given one week to fit them properly, lest they face arrest.