Rukungiri area legislator donates wheel chair to disabled resident


NEWS-A 93 year old man Simon Rwakirite and the entire family have a reason to smile after the Rukungiri Municipality legislator Hon. Dr. Elisa Rutahigwa donated to him a wheel chair.

Rwakirite is the resident of Kafunda cell, Karangaro ward, western division in Rukungiri municipality and he has lasted over two months unable to move from one place to another over unknown illness.

Behwera Keneth a young brother to Rwakirite told our reporter that they recently visited medics and upon diagnosis, no illness was detected leaving them stranded on where to begin from. 

Behwera thanked Dr. Rutahigwa for thinking about his electorate especially when they are in hard times calling for the continued spirit during his time in Parliament.

Kyasimire Monic another resident and the Woman councilor representing Karangaro ward at the Municipality narrated that Rwakirite’s relatives have always faced hard times in taking care of him since he has no children at home and the wife is to old incapable of caring for her husband. 

Speaking at the hand over of the donated wheel chair, Dr. Elisa Rutahigwa revealed that he felt concerned after receiving information that Rwakirite is battling unknown illness and the family was facing it hard to take care of him since he is unable to move.

Rutahigwa added that he then bought a wheel from medical stores in Kampala to help the now disabled Rwakirite and the entire family in handling him for the good health of all. 

The Legislator promised the Rukungiri Municipality residents that he is ready to serve and bring social services nearer to them citing an example of the District general hospital he promised to follow up with other district leaders.

Dr. Rutahigwa won the Rukungiri Municipality Parliamentary race on NRM ticket replacing FDC’s Hon. Mugume Roland Kaginda who served for two terms in Parliament.