MINISTER MUHWEZI: Being in opposition is not a crime but if you are connected to acts of criminality, you cannot be spared


NEWS-Following the recent explosions that claimed two lives, the Minister of Security Rtd. Maj Gen. Jim Muhwezi has assured the nation that the domestic terrorism threats are manageable.

“We know who these terrorists are, who the sponsors are, and their collaborators. It is very easy to stop this threat. We are working with the government of DRC, and we shall manage ADF once and for all,” said Muhwezi.

Muhwezi who was appearing on the NBS Morning breeze stated that the two explosions can’t be referred to as a lapse in security because security in the country has been managed for many years and Uganda has been one of the safest places to stay in.

While commenting on the arrest of opposition Members of Parliament Hon. Muhammad Ssegirinya and Hon. Ssewanyana, the Minister said that being in opposition is not a crime.

“Opposition is constitutional. One of the major reasons why we went to the bush was democracy. Being in the opposition is not crime. However if you’re connected to acts of criminality, you cannot be spared,” said Muhwezi.

Muhwezi also stated that security and the nationals just need to do the right thing.

“This is a threat because it disrupts the day to day living of the people.

From a security point of view, this is manageable. The security just needs to do the right thing and so do the people of Uganda,” said Muhwezi.