GEN. MUSEVENI-Nobody Can Defeat NRM Government by Violence


NEWS-General Museveni the Chairman of the NRM and President of Uganda has come out to make it clear that no war or any form of chaotic incident like violence or an insurrection can succeed to overthrow the NRM in Uganda.

Gen Museveni says that the government led by the NRM has the capacity to sabotage and destroy any form of violence that is aimed at by certain groups to take power by force something that is unconstitutional and against the law.

Gen Museveni says the current use of bombs to kill civilians is aimed at causing insecurity and instilling panic among the population but says that this cannot succeed because the criminals are already being hunted down by the security forces.

Atleast three bomb incidents have happened in as space of 3 weeks killing atleast 5 and injuring many. 

One happened in Komamboga a Kampala surbub in a pork join, another in a bust travelling from Kampala to Bushenyi while the other in Luweero killing three children on spot.