Doctors Announce Strike over False Promises by the Government


NEWS-Doctors have announced strike citing the failure by the government to improve their working conditions and increase their salaries.

These include doctors, nurses, midwives, consultants, medical interns, and pharmacists.

The umbrella organization Uganda Medical association UMA President Dr. Samuel Odongo Oledo said that the health workers have over the past four years engaged relevant government ministries, departments, and agencies to discuss matters affecting them. But the government has been making promises which have not been fulfilled.

On September 30, 2019, President Yoweri Museveni directed the Public Service Ministry to increase allowances and salaries of scientists, University lecturers, and health workers.

The allowances of health workers were supposed to be increased from Shs12 billion to Shs35 billion per financial year and this was meant to address all their grievances related to improving their welfare and salaries.

Following the directive, Dr. Odongo noted that the Intern Doctors who are currently earning a gross monthly pay of Shs960,000, their salary was to be increased to Shs3 million, an entry-level Medical Officer to be paid a monthly salary of Shs5million, and Senior Consultant Shs17 million monthly.

However, the doctors further said that although Museveni’s directive was implemented in universities and in some parastatal organizations, the health workers have been neglected to date.