Shock as NRM Official Murdered by Unknown Assailants

Albertine region police spokesperson Julius Hakiza

NEWS-The National Resistance Movement-NRM chairperson for Ngwedu sub-county, Buliisa district Robert Mukitale, has been killed in cold blood by un known assailants and his body dumped in Masindi town.

His body was dumped in Nyabinyira village, Bigando ward, Masindi municipality yesterday morning by unidentified assailants driving a Premio vehicle whose registration number was not readily established.

According to Constance Katwesige, an eye witness, the assailants driving a white premio vehicle allegedly dumped Mukitale’s body a few meters from her garden and drove off at a terrible speed.

Katwesige says they immediately alerted Masindi police who rushed and picked the body.

The Albertine region police spokesperson Julius Hakiza confirmed the incident adding that preliminary police investigations show that the deceased was strangled to death from somewhere else before the assailants dumped his body in Nyabinyira cell, Masindi municipality.

Hakiza says police recovered a court summon of suit Number 052/2021 of Masindi Magistrates court where a court had summoned the deceased to appear before the Masindi magistrates court where he is also a complainant.

These were recovered from the deceased’s pockets.

According to Hakiza, his death is suspected to have originated from a land dispute.

However, it is not known who the deceased was battling with at the Masindi magistrates court over land.

He says the deceased is believed to have traveled to Masindi from Buliisa on Tuesday evening ready to attend a court session on Yesterday, having been last seen in Masindi town on Tuesday evening.

Hakiza says investigations into his gruesome murder have kicked off though no suspect yet has been arrested in connection to his death.