We are working tirelessly to fully reopen schools- Janet Museveni

courtesy photo

NEWS-The Education Minister who is also the first lady Janet Kataha Museveni has revealed that the ministry is working hand in hand with other stakeholders to reopen schools early next year.

On behalf of Janet Museveni, John Chrysostom Muyingo the state minister for higher education released a statement which indicates that inspection for all schools and institutions has been done to establish their readiness.

Janet Museveni added that teachers are being trained and the Ministry now plans to rehabilitate dilapidated structures in various schools and institutions.

According to Muyingo, the schools are scheduled to reopen next year in January on 10th.

Education minister Janet Kataha Museveni will tomorrow officiary announce the schools’ calendar and reopening plans.

President Museveni in one of his addresses to the nation announced a full re-opening of the economy including schools and institutions in January 2022.