MINISTER KATUMBA! There will be no curfew on announced days of school reopening


NEWS-Gen Katumba Wamala the Minister of Works and Transport has confirmed that there will be no curfew during the time as children get back to school starting from 10 January 2022

Speaking with the press today morning, Gen. Katumba narrated that the move to remove curfew will help children and parents to travel to the different parts of the country without any obstacles and they have already discussed on this with the taxi and bus operators.

Katumba added that they agreed with buses and taxis operators on transport fares and must be fully vaccinated.

He added that these operators should not go to Nasser Road to buy a certificate explaining that they may buy it cheaply but cost their your lives.

Rashid Ssekindi, an official from the Federation of Uganda Taxi Operators apologized for what happened when children were returning home during the lockdown.

Ssekindi continued that they are going to release the agreed-upon transport fares and if anyone charges more, passengers should report to the police.

He urged parents not to send children back to school alone.