Skyrocketing fuel prices could soon go down as URA clears over 400 fuel tankers


NEWS-There is now  hope for fuel users  that the increase of the prices could soon reduce since over 400 fuel tankers have been cleared by the Uganda Revenue Authority at the Malaba border point.

Fuel prices hit the country in the past few days with the high record of a liter of petrol going for shs 12,000 in Hoima Oil city and other upcountry districts.

In the letter dated January 16th, 2022, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development attributed the increasing fuel prices to stock out of petrol at some outlets caused by truck delays at the border.

Speaking to , Ibrahim Bbossa, URA’s Assistant Commissioner Public and Corporate Affairs says over 370 trucks both fuel and cargo were by Sunday afternoon cleared.

He expresses commitment that the authority will soon clear the backlog of consignments at the border.

The truck drivers had gone on strike after the government of Uganda directed for mandatory covid19 tests at USD30.

The strike has since been called off after a council of ministers of the East African Community agreed to 7 days of cost free covid19 tests at both the Busia and Malaba border points.