‘RICH’ launches 2022 annual working plan, youths urged to shun drug abuse


RUKUNGIRI- The Youths have been advised to refrain from all kinds of intoxicants such as alcohol, drugs if they are to have good health and sustainable livelihoods.

This was revealed by Turyasingura Brenda, a counselor at Rukungiri health centre IV Rwamahwa during the launch of Rukungiri Integrated Community Based Health promoters ‘RICH’ annual working plan a function held at Rukungiri Inn, in Rukungiri municipality.

Rukungiri Integrated Community Based Health promoters ‘RICH’ is a community based organization aimed at changing lifestyles of youth especially street kids, school drop outs among others who are addicted to drugs so that they can get back to their normal human-hood.

However, with the support from Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment (FCDE), “RICH” received Ugx 7M to help in mobilization of youths who are already addicted to drug abuse such that they can get back to normal lifestyles and those that are not yet affected get to know the disadvantages of intoxicants.

The annual plan is aimed at changing lifestyles of over 120 youths through sensitization about the disadvantages of drug abuse.

Counselor Turyasingura urged the young people to value their life and have a conscience that can drive their actions during their day to day life to enable them remain relevant in society.

street kids allowing Jesus to be part of their life after receiving word of God from Spiritual counselor

She encouraged them to be disciplined and hardworking so that they can bring food on their table by themselves rather than stealing and other wrong means of looking for survival.

Turyasingura asked them to always listen to advice given to them by responsible groups of people so that they can change their well-beings.

On the same function, Suzan Abinsinguza the Rukungiri district youth councilor encouraged fellow youth to desist from drug abuse narrating that this leads to negative acts being done unknowingly.

Abinsinguza urged them to utilize the opportunity where government is considering the Youths in its developmental and poverty alleviation programs aimed at raising their standards of living.

The function was also graced by Turyatemba Grace, the spiritual counselor who advised the young people to love and care for themselves like God loves them if they are to be respected and successful in their lives.

spiritual counselor with one of the street kid reading the bible on the function

Turyatemba asked them to have future dreams to fulfill that can force to immediately change their ways of living to better.

Benjamin Kwikiriza alias Brother Ben the “RICH” Chief Executive Director explained that since the outbreak of covid-19 and related measures that were put in place by the government to curb the spread of the virus, many youths were left redundant thus paving away for them to resort to drug abuse.

“RICH” CEO Benjamin Kwikiriza addressing the street kid and invited guests

Kwikiriza said that now the Rukungiri Integrated Community Based Health promoters ‘RICH’ with support from Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment (FCDE) intervenes to save the lives of already affected youth that are within Rukungiri Municipality.

Meanwhile Kwikiriza encouraged the young generation to care and mind about their lives since they will be useful future citizens.