Two arrested in connection to theft of Sacco funds


RUKUNGIRI-The Police in Rukungiri district have detained Muzoora Esau and Nabibasa Angline in connection to the theft of over UGX 29M meant for Rwenshaka Cooperative Savings and Credit Society found in Ruhinda Sub County.

Muzoora who has been serving as cashier is alleged to have embezzled Ugx 11, 078,000 whereas Nabibasa the Records officer stole Ugx 17, 184,000.

The duo were arrested on Friday 14th January 2022 under the directive of the Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen after a meeting that was attended by the entire executive of the Sacco, District Commercial Officer, suspects and RDC himself.

The arrest of Muzoora and Nabibasa was after the Sacco manager and the entire executive wrote a letter to the District Commercial Officer indicating the loss of over Ugx 29M in the hands of the duo in 2021.

According to Atuhurire Alex the Rwenshaka Sacco General Manager of the Sacco, the suspects embezzled the said amount of money through forging receipt books.

RDC Bewayo narrated that he held a meeting with the Sacco Executive, District Commercial Officer and the suspects who failed to explain how the money got lost forcing their arrest for further investigations.

Nsubuga sounded tough warning to all people who have intentions of misappropriating SACCO money technically to stop the habit stressing that he is now ready to fight against corruption within the district. 

The Sacco General Manager Atuhurire Alex who occupied the position in 2019 noted that it’s the very time when President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni injected Ugx 100M in this SACCO.

Atuhurire added that after injection of the said amount of money, Muzoora and Nabibasa used the chance to embezzle over Ugx 29M through forging receipt books by not using carbon. Atuhurire adds that the administration later realized that the presidential donation was drastically reducing forcing them to investigate and later found out that the money was missing.

Atuhurire now requests the office of the RDC to continue investigating the matter such that the Sacco money can be recovered.

He called upon their customers to continue saving with their SACCO explaining that they are ready to serve and protect the client’s money. Atuhurire advised people to ignore information being disseminated by the suspects since it’s aimed at tarnishing the SACCO’s name.