JUST IN! Pastor who lied wife that he was going for work dies in city lodge


KAMPALA –Alex Ssemanda the Power in the Grace Church pastor left his home in Mityana on Sunday evening after telling his wife Prossy Ssemanda that he was going for a construction job in Kyenjojo since he was working as a builder.

Shockingly, after a short time, his family received a sudden phone call of the devastating news that their father/husband had passed on in Lubaga.

At first, they thought he had died at Rubaga hospital but they were informed that he died in a certain lodge in Lubaga.

According to his wife Prossy, she first thought that Ssemanda died from Lubaga hospital but she later learned that he died in Modern B guest house located in Lubaga near Hannyz Pub, a place that is best known for prostitution. 

Allan Agaba the lodge manager narrated that the pastor reached the lodge at 11pm on Sunday, paid, and entered room No.37. 

Agaba continued that the late didn’t enter with anyone but upon reaching his room in the morning, it was open as though there was someone else who later left leaving the door open. 

Ssemanda was found lying unconscious in the room and he was rushed to Mulago hospital where he died immediately. 

Upon being investigated by police, the lodge manager revealed that after finding the late unconscious, he opened his bag, removed his phone to call his family but unfortunately its battery was dead. He, therefore, removed the simcard, inserted it in another phone, and contacted them.

Some of the late’s family believe that the pastor may have failed to travel to Kyenjojo and opted to sleep in the lodge but was not able to inform his wife since his phone’s battery was dead.