RDC Nsubuga threatens to arrest School headteachers flouting Covid-19 SOPs


NEWS-The Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen has threatened to arrest all head teachers who are violating the Standard Operating Procedures after the fully reopening of schools.

Nsubuga’s warning comes at a time when there are reports of violation of the set COVID-19 guidelines since schools reopened on 10th January 2022.

The most critical guidelines set by the government include ensuring social distance of two meters, putting in place hand washing facilities, establishment of isolation centers, limiting visitors among many others.

Nsubuga confided to this reporter that he has set his intelligence teams on ground to help him identify schools which are not implementing Standard Operating Procedures and head teachers of these schools will be answerable for the matter.

He noted that he has already started inspection of some schools reviewing how they are implementing each of the issued guidelines.

The Rukungiri District Internal Security officer Christopher Wachaya encouraged school leaders, staff and students to always be security conscious, explaining that most schools have experienced fire outbreaks some of which have claimed lives just weeks after reopening.

Schools in Uganda fully reopened on January 10th 2022 after two years of closure due to the outbreak of novel Covid-19.

This has been one of the world’s longest closures since the virus forced governments to close learning institutions way back in March 2020.