“Stop Make Your Own Decisions without our consent” Rukungiri District Councilors told DEC Members


NEWS-Rukungiri district Councilors yesterday exchanged bitterly following a disagreement with District Executive Committee (DEC) on the decision they made to give free land to Rukungiri Municipality without their consent.

The proposal to donate 66ft x 89ft land was presented by Nahwera Santrinah, the woman councilor representing Buhunga and Ruhinda sub counties who doubles as the District vice chairperson on behalf of the Executive during the district council meeting held at district council hall.

While presenting the proposal, Nahwera narrated that Rukungiri Municipality requested for the land from the district to construct the Municipal offices which DEC realized that it could be better donating the land next to municipal headquarters to maintain a good relationship.

This created mixed reaction amongst the councilors who said that the District Executive Committee should stop deciding on behalf of the Council.

The Councilors cited an example of former District Chairperson Zedekia Katono Karokora’s Executive Committee that existed in 2000’s which sold off Itemba land pretending to have freely given it out. The disgruntled councilors want such instances avoided, right procedures to be followed always to keep a good image as councilors in public.

Alex Tumuramye aka Omuzinga, the councilor representing Nyakagyeme Sub County told the meeting that they don’t have any evidence to show that DEC didn’t connive with Municipality in the matter and called for immediate halting of the decision.

Albert Rwamugaata the councilor representing Buyanja Sub County requested the council to at least exchange this piece of land with municipality instead of giving it to them for free.

Stephen Tumuhimbise and Abinsinguza Suzan the district Youth councilors narrated that no land should be given out without thorough accountability and transparence requesting to DEC to immediately halt proposal.

When asked about the matter, Geoffrey Kyomukama the Rukungiri district boss said that nothing will stop them from giving out this land to the Municipality although some of the councilors are against the DEC’s position.