Minister Muhwezi tips Rukungiri residents on embracing government programs


RUKUNGIRI– People have been encouraged to always work tirelessly and embrace government programs in a bid to improve their household incomes and eradicate poverty.

The words of encouragement were said by the security Minister who doubles as the Rujumbura county legislator Hon. Maj. Gen Jim Muhwezi while officiating at the fundraising of Kichwamba Primary school in Kichwamba parish, Ruhinda sub county in Rukungiri district towards the construction of a three classrooms block and a multipurpose hall.

Hon JIM Muhwezi addressing Rukungiri residents at Kicwamba primary school

Hon. Muhwezi explained that there is a need for people to transform from subsistence to commercialised economy to increase their income in a company to their welfares.

He urged Rukungiri residents to embrace government programs especially Parish Development Model PDM where the government is aiming at helping people to have multiple sources of income to develop their families and the entire communities.

He thanked the people of Rukungiri for voting the NRM adding that it’s high time to enjoy it’s fruits through getting better services. He contributed Ugx 15 million towards the cause.

Hon JIM and Can. Ben Turamye at fundraising function

On the same function, Canon Benson Turamye the chairperson of “Abanya Ruhinda ba Rujumbura” Association which contributed over seven million shillings explained that their main intention is to unite and develop their area through different service delivery including education to help them protect their resources in future.

Can. Turamye requested people who have resources to always help the vulnerable saying that this will help them to get blessings from God and earn more to what they have. He also contributed Ugx 5 million. 

Can. Ben Turamye addressing residents at function

Ahimbisibwe Gerald the school headteacher said that in the last three years, the enrollment of pupils has increased to over 700 leading to the scarcity of classrooms hence planning to have such fundraising for help.

Ahimbisibwe thanked people who contributed during the fundraising requesting for more such that the classrooms can be finished in stipulated time.

The function was also attended by Ngabirano Posiano the proprietor of Capital Shoppers who contributed ten million, Martin Mwambusya from the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional affairs 7.5 million, Mugarura Kaharata among other invited guests.

Over Ugx 74 million and 37 bags of cement were contributed during the fundraising.