RDC Nsubuga condemns planned demonstration by some Rukungiri residents


RUKUNGIRI-Following the announcement of a peaceful demonstration by some Rukungiri residents over the delayed completion of Kahengye Water Project, the Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen has described such people as self and cheap popularity seekers. 

RDC Nsubuga made the revelation during an exclusive interview with our reporter from his office on the current status of long awaited Kahengye Water Project which the government with together with World Bank injected over Ugx 44Bn in 2016.

Nsubuga narrated that the district leaders are having sleepless nights following up on the project to have it completed adding that they are reaching the climax before asserting that the water will be ready for use by June this year.

He narrated that those who are planning to demonstrate have their personal interests and might be against government programs to gain cheap popularity since the project nearly complete.

Bewayo strongly cautioned those intending to demonstrate that they will be working against the law urging them to remain calm as the final touches on the project are being handled.

Last year, the Rukungiri district leaders promised that on 15th December people would be enjoying Kahengye water but to the public surprise, none of the leaders has come out to Commission this water.

When our reporter asked RDC about the issue, he revealed that it was true but unfortunately water pipes burst  after being flowed adding that the same pipes were supposed to be imported from an outside country which takes some time adding that it’s what engineers are feeling as of now.

In July 2016, a Ugx 44 billion Kahengye water project was commissioned and was supposed to be completed in one year.

Residents through the Rukungiri Community Policing What Sapp forum have started mobilizing for a demonstration over the same. Their intention is to attract the attention of the President to intervene in the matter that is irking the state of livelihood in the district.