BREAKING NEWS:  Omoro County FDC Candidate Kidnapped by Gunmen


News coming on our desk indicates that the Omoro County Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Candidate has been kidnapped by unknown gunmen.

According to FDC, Owani Dick Denis has been whisked away by unknown gunmen as he was preparing to be nominated for the forthcoming Omoro County by-election scheduled for 26th this month.

According to the FDC President Patrick Onoi Amuriat, Owani was on his way back to Omoro from Rupiny radio talk show in Hulu at 8:30pm when this happened.

Omoro come county seat fell vacant after the death of Jacob Oulanyah who was also the speaker of Parliament.

Meanwhile candidates in the race are Andrew Ojok the son of late Jacob Oulanyah who was fronted by the NRM, Owani Dick Denis of FDC, NUP’s Simon Tolit Akecha, whereas DP’s candidate withdrew from the race but nomination is slated for today.