Don’t blame Museveni for your poverty, RDC tells Rukungiri residents


The Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner, Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen has warned Ugandans against blaming government specifically pinning president Museveni for being poor.

Nsubuga was on 18th June 2022 addressing Parents during the Parents and Teachers Association Meeting (PTA) of Kagunga Seed School in Eastern Division, Rukungiri municipality.


Bewayo told parents that although the government is mandated to ensure the wellbeing of it’s people, its job stops at putting in place an enabling environment for citizens to find ways of making money to get out of poverty.

To the worst, RDC Bewayo said that the NRM government in trying to help it’s people has also dished out money to the people citing Emyooga, women fund, NAADS among others but wonders why people are still poor. 

Nsubuga however encouraged Ugandans to have mindset change well knowing that they can be successful and achieve their goals in terms of development. 

Bewayo encouraged parents to always promote and support the schools within their areas of jurisdictions adding that this creates development and reduces expenses yet children access good education. 

He however said that the government is ready to support Kagunga Seed School promising that soon the school will be given computers for the benefit of learners.


During the same meeting, Alfred Katabazi Mutuza the Rukungiri Municipal Principle Education Officer- MEO urged Kagunga Secondary School parents to own and take care of the school since it’s not under any religious foundation but belonging to the government if they are to reap from it.

Katabazi called upon Kagunga seed school teachers to desist from listening to the history of the school but rather do the needful with the mission of bringing it on map.

Semugenyi Hassan the school head teacher revealed that the current Kagunga secondary school is totally different from the one that existing in previous times narrating that they are now aiming at improving academic performances of students and indeed it is being achieved.

Ssemugenyi also called upon parents to provide the school with children so that they can access holistic education from Kagunga Seed School since it’s now well equipped to provide all academic needs of Ugandan children.

Kagunga Seed School is the only Government Secondary School in Rukungiri Municipality and it has an enrollment of over 370 students.