RUKUNGIRI! Buhunga residents decry high crime rate in area, calls government intervation


Residents of Bwanda Parish in Buhunga Sub County Rukungiri district have decried the rampant cases where yet to be known people attack and slaughter their animals during the night.

The most affected villages are Omukasheyi, Rusheshe, Kagarama, Bisiika A and B, Omwibaare, Bunyinya, Mushunga, Bwehaare, Rumbugu A and B, Kikura, and Rwega all in Bwanda parish Buhunga Sub County.

Yesterday 26th October 2022, the Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen who is also the head of security within the district in cooperation with Police that was led by the District Police Commander (DPC) SP. Musa Tibakirana convened the meeting with the area residents to harmonize how the vice of slaughtering and killing of animals by unknown hooligans can be curbed, in the meeting that held at Keihumure Primary School playground.


Speaking during the meeting, local leaders say during the night, unknown people attack and kill their animals including pigs, goats, sheep and cows by cutting and after escape without taking them.

Local leaders say that over 54 pigs within the area have so far been killed by the hooligan.

They added that local security has been on ground to hunt for the people behind the act but all in vain calling the combined security from the district including police and UPDF to intervene before things get out of hand.

Leaders however say that some residents have been forced to sell off their animals at cheaper price fearing being killed by the thugs risking for poverty in near future.

The area residents accuse the police for laxity especially in responding to their cases when called for such incidents requesting the RDC and DPC to use the iron hand to their officers in a bid to curb the vice which undermines the development of their area.

The Buhunga Sub County chairperson Lc3 Mugisha Benon aka Aunt expressed concern about the growing consumption of drugs like marijuana and high consumption of alcohol saying that the practice poses a serious danger to the peace, security and safety of the people.

The practice has continued to generate wide condemnation with many arguing that the trend is a major factor fueling insecurity and criminality in Bwanda parish and the entire Buhunga Sub County.

Mugisha called for cooperation among the residents to fight the high crime rate within the area.

Meanwhile the Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen threatens for heavy deployment of security personnels within the area if the habit of killing animals continues.

Nsubuga warned parents against seeking police bonds for their children in case they are arrested from their operations directing the DPC to arrest them in case they do so.

Nsubuga asked the residents to cooperate with the security organs by exposing names of the culprits terrorizing their area such that they brought to courts of laws.

He went on to advise residents to desist from domestic violence saying in most cases, this fuels the high crime rates in communities.

The Rukungiri District Police Commander DPC SP. Musa Tibakirana encouraged local council leaders to create village security committees and be supported by the police in their regular patrols.

Tibakirana added that it is the responsibility of family members to look, take care and provide security of their properties before police’s intervention.