Radio Rukungiri gifts listeners in a new promotion “YOOLA SENTE”


The Western Uganda’s long serving radio station 96.9FM Radio Rukungiri has launched the promotion of rewarding its esteemed lovely listeners dubbed “YOOLA SENTE” where winners will be given Ugx. 100000/=.

According to management, the listeners will only need to deposit Ush. 2,000/- on their Mobile Money accounts, dial *238# and choose option 4 to stand a chance to win Ugx. 100000/= cash every day.

Management added that per day, they will be giving out Ugx. 700000/, 100k in every program, and Management will soon increase on the pay out from 100k to 500k, per program,

Over and above rewarding the lucky winners who will be drawn in the promotion, this YOOLA SENTE promotion celebrates the resilience of Radio Rukungiri’s listeners who loved it since it started and is part of giving back especially during this time of Christmas festival.

Speaking at the launch of the YOOLA SENTE promotion early this week, Benjamin Kwikiriza, the station general Manager said that “We are happy to engage and excite our listeners especially as we head to Christmas season and ending the year”.

Mr. Kwikiriza explained that all listeners should participate in the promotion and stand a chance of winning, and deposit at least Ush. 2,000/- on their Mobile Money accounts and they will then enter the draws and stand a chance to win 100,000/=.

Benjamin further added that the more listeners enter the draws, the higher their chances of winning.

He also clarified that the draws are conducted in all Radio Rukungiri programs including Imuka Tukore, Ekirakutambire, Drive show, Ekitemere Kyebyemizano, Ekijungyirizi, Mukurukyeyo and the Love Zone in addition of Weekend programs.

Since the promotion started early this week, over thirty people have so far benefited and won the money.

Some of the beneficiaries include Turyatembe Anna Lydia from Rubale Ntungamo, Mukasa Jamada from Kibare Rukondo Rukungiri, Immaculate Kabira Mitooma, and Ahabwe Shine among other people.