RUKUNGIRI: Government to construct seed secondary school in Nyakishenyi Sub County


Rukungiri District officials yesterday 13th December 2022 conducted the first monthly Site Visit at Nyakishenyi Seed Secondary School where there will be mega constructions of new  buildings in Rubabo county Rukungiri district.

This follows Government, pledge to put up aSeed School at every subcounty, in Rukungiri Nyakishenyi Secondary school is one of the lucky schools to transform into a Seed School.

The team included the Deputy RDC Mr.Ahimbisibwe Wilberforce Ongom, Chairman LC5 Mr.Kyomukama Geoffrey,Chief Administrative Officer Hajji Waswa Masokoyi ,District Engineer Mr.Julius Bagira,Senior Environment Officer Mbabazi Caroline ,Senior Labour officer Twesime Challene,Area councillors, School management and Communications officer.

The construction was contracted by Sagma Technical services Limited with a contract period of 1year and 6month.The company is expected to construct one administration office block,Six classroom block,ICT block, Science laboratory, Multipurpose Hall,Three twin staff houses with kitchen and latrine,5stance latrine for girls and 5 stance latrine for boys ,2 stance latrine for teachers and a mega playground.

This construction will cost about 2.9 Billion and the district is assured of a total transformtion of the school to excellent performance having received such great services.

Mr.Obadia Behangana a retired Headteacher of the Nyakishenyi Secondary school,thanked the government for considering Nyakishenyi Secondary school and he informed the team that there will be great improvement of the area and academic performance.

Team from the district urged the area leaders to do multiple monitoring and supervision for proper construction of the buildings.

The construction company was advised to have gender balance while employing people at the site together with forming a grievance handling committee to respond to the public queries.

The deputy RDC Mr.Ahimbisibwe concluded the meeting by thanking the government for full filling it’s pledge to construct  such mega building at Nyakishenyi Seed Secondary School .

He called upon the community members to guard and be responsible for the school especially during these constructions stressing that the government has injected lots of money therefore it should be used for it’s right purpose .He informed the contractors that the district and the government expects smart and excellent work from them.