RUKUNGIRI: Minister Muhwezi calls for vigilance over ADF attacks


The security Minister who is also the Rujumbura County Member of Parliament Hon. Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi has called on all districts that are neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo to be on a high alert so that when ADF rebels enter the country, they can be reported to the authorities.

Muhwezi disclosed that this group of ADF was the one that used to hit Kampala with bombs and now they are the same group they were attacking police stations in the country.

Jim Muhwezi said this today 25th December 2022 Christmas day during prayers at his local church in Kasoroza Church of Uganda in Nyakagyeme Sub county Rukungiri district.

Muhwezi who was accompanied by his wife Canon Susan Muhwezi and their children said recently about 40 ADF invaded Ntoroko and this was a trick that UPDF can leave Congo to come here to chase them as their colleagues can re-organize themselves in DRC not knowing that there was enough manpower here in the country.

Muhwezi used occasion to explain why the roads are not worked on in Rukungiri and the whole nation.

He narrated that this was brought by the covid 19 lockdown, weather changes that left many people dead in Kasese and Bududa and the ADF war in Congo.

Muhwezi added that in the next financial year, priority will be on roads, security and health.

Muhwezi however advised Christians to be on alert all the time to avoid an attack by ADF who are fighting to turn the whole of Africa an Islam state.

Rev Eldard Kashanje while giving sermon said when he was in Bible College many years ago, they studied about Islamic body planning to colonize the Africa which he said they are now implementing their long time plan

He urged christians to get saved and follow Christ Jesus saying if they follow Jesus Christ hatrated, adultery, theft and many others will be no more.

He said bad deeds of parents can affect your children up to the 3rd generation. If you’re doing well on earth, that good will also follow your children up to.3rd generation.