RUKUNGIRI! Nyakishenyi traders decry over illegal taxes imposed by chairman Wednesday


Traders of Nyakishenyi Sub County in Rukungiri district under their umbrella “Nyakishenyi traders and Farmers Association “are up in arms with Sub County chairperson Mr. Wednesday Twinomujuni accusing him of imposing overwhelming illegal taxes on local goods.

Yesterday Thursday 5th January 2023, hundreds of traders across Nyakishenyi held a meeting in one of their local hotels and they cited exorbitant and illegal taxes by the Sub County political wing calling for the immediate dissolution by the district leadership.

Traders claim that chairman Wednesday Twinomujuni used his chief agents in last general elections to stage illegal road blocks and collect money from them using unauthorized receipts, something they say must stop calling for immediate intervention by the government.

Traders said that most of them have been arrested, tasked to pay large sums of money in addition to being intimidated but nothing has been done to him.

They say that they are no longer doing good businesses because most of their profits are being eaten by their LC3 chairman Wednesday Twinomujuni and his group.

Ndyanabo Wilson a trader operating in Rwakaraba trading center says that the charges have forced many out of their businesses calling for the intervention of the relevant authorities before the situation gets out of hand.

Turyatunga Jackson another trader disclosed that they are oppressed by illegal taxation levied by their Sub County chairperson and his council yet they were elected to solve their problems and create harmony within the area.

Turinawe Davis Matobu, another concerned resident and a trader revealed that they elected leaders in Nyakishenyi to solve their problems but instead have resorted to problem promoters, something that hinders their development.

Ivan Katwesiime Frank the chairperson Nyakishenyi traders and Farmers Association now requests the NRM government to come for their rescue before Sub County is taken by people who have their personal interests and benefits.

When contacted for a comment, the Nyakishenyi Sub County Chairperson LC3 Mr. Twinomujuni Wednesday insisted that traders must pay such taxes as this will help to provide social services within the area.

Twinomujuni added by blaming the previous leadership of Nyakishenyi Sub County over failure to sensitize traders and implement collection of local revenue, something that currently brings in confusion.

Meanwhile the Nyakishenyi Sub County Chief Mr. Kahumuza Nicholous refused to speak to our reporter on claims that the responsibilities of his team especially to collect taxes are being done by chairman Twinomujuni and his councilors.