Rukungiri CAO on spot over town council land


RUKUNGIRI-Residents of Bikurungu town council have expressed concern over alleged lease of town council land which is near their offices in Rukungiri district.

These are pointing at town council authorities and some district officials for being behind lease of the government land which is located in Bikurungu cell.

According to the residents Rukungiri district Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Hajji Masokoyi Wasswa, Bikurungu town council Mayor Mr. Wallen Kajuna and Bikurungu town clerk Najunah Charles connived in this incident .

The residents through Bikurungu town council speaker Esau Aharimpisya wrote a letter on 05th December 2022 to the area Member of Parliament Hon. Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi requesting him to halt the lease of the said land stressing that this will reduce the value of other lock-ups within the town council

They also disclosed that according to the physical plan, the mentioned land is where the new market will be constructed since the current one will be renovated and turns into Tax Park.

They added that the land is used by people as a social place and it is where most big functions are hosted from.

In a letter signed by over 100 residents and traders of Bikurungu, they also revealed that they are aware that the government stopped their officials from selling or leasing government lands but wonder why it is going to be done in Bikurungu town council.

According to the Bikurungu town council speaker Mr. Esau Aharimpisya, the area town clerk connived with Mayor and the executive to lease the identified land in a bid to get money for completion of newly constructed town council offices.

Aharimpisya added that before, the leadership of Bikurungu also leased town council land where over twenty six lock ups were built and led by the town clerk of then Mrs. Evas Kobutungi, they didn’t present accountability for that money and she was later transferred to Southern Division in Rukungiri Municipality before solving the matter.

Leadership of Bikurungu was not satisfied with that they even leased another land after getting a minute from council that they want to buy land for dumping site but that money was also swallowed without accountability.

Aharimpisya revealed that after getting information that government stopped people from leasing their lands, he shared the information with the current town clerk Najunah Charles but responded that he agreed with Rukungiri Chief Administrative officer Hajji Masokoyi Wasswa to backdate the date before the date was enforced.

He said town clerk and mayor wanted to bribe him with UGX.5M to sign for them a minute but he refused since it was unlawful.

However, speaker Esau Aharimpisya confirmed to our reporter that the people behind the sager of leasing the town council land are CAO Hajji Masokoyi Wasswa, Bikurungu town council mayor Wallen Kajuna and his executive and town clerk Najunah Charles.

When contacted for a comment, the Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen said after being tipped about the matter, he and other district officials went on ground to meet technical and political leadership of Bikurungu but unfortunately speaker Esau Aharimpisya mobilized his councilors to dodge the meeting.

Nsubuga noted that soon they will organize and hold another meeting but he advised the Bikurungu town council speaker to always attend meetings if their issues are to be solved.