RUKUNGIRI; Court bailiffs warned against illegal arrests


Court bailiffs operating in rukungiri and Kanungu magisterial areas have been asked to always acquire operational licenses and act professionally while executing their duties.

The call was made by her worship Chief Magistrate Rukungiri Mrs. Mbabazi Mary Edith on Friday 14th April 2023 during a meeting with the court bailiffs and Grande one magistrates at Rukungiri high court premises in rukungiri municipality.

Mbabazi asked the court bailiffs to always appear in court during the hearing of the cases they are handling to give their side for better case management and always address their challenges to the chief migrate or to any judicial officers for better service delivery.

On the same note Mbabazi asked court bailiffs to adopt the new Judicature court bailiffs’ act 2022 to bring harmony to all court users and during the same meeting she sounded a warning to all court bailiffs to have offices to operate from and will always inspect their work places before renewing their licenses.

Mbabazi asked the court bailiffs to always have fair hearing while executing their duties and always be careful on arresting the sureties, asked court bailiffs to always ask for documents from court for allowing them to do the arrest, the sureties should also be noticed and given time failure to adhere to that then the court bailiff can request for the arrest order/documate again from court allowing him or her to arrest.

Beitwababo Gilbert trading as SRD COURT BAILIFFS ACTUATINERS thanked the Chief Magistrate for Rukungiri court for organizing such wonderful refreshing meeting which will help all court bailiffs improve on the ways they have been handling their work after adopting the new judicature court bailiffs’ act 2022.

According to Beitwababo court bailiffs and judges have been operating under the old law that was established in 1989.

Beitwababo told our reporter that with this new law even the court bailiffs can be cautioned/punished for wrong doing during execution of their duties to get back to line of the duty collectively not as it was with the old 1989 court bailiffs law.

The court bailiffs shared their challenges they normally face while executing court duties and on this point the chief magistrate promised to put measures that will solve them to ease their work move on smoothly as the law requires.

During the same meeting, Keneth Byaruhanga the Rukungiri high court supervising chief magistrate’s court called upon the public to always visit court for inquiries not to remain adamant of the law because public servants are appointed to serve the public.

Byaruhanga told our reporter that the court is always open for everyone and always available to help the public in order to have access to justice and understand the laws that govern them. According to Byaruhanga it’s no longer like in the past where it was hard for the public to access court things have totally changed thus making it easier for all court users.