Kigezi region police embarks on firing exercise, locals cautioned


The police leadership of Kigezi region under the management of the Rpc SSP Saiga Ibrahim,have embarked on weapon skills refresher training of all the personnel.Following  the incidents going on within the country related to shooting,

According to kigezi region police spokesperson ASP Elly Maate this training is to refresh, memorize and perfect the officers so that during their day to day duties and operations, can avoid misuse, mishandling and associated mistakes, but also to gain the confidence and when discharging, can aim at the intended target.

The exercise that included among others, striping, assembling and aiming exercise plus safety precautions tips for Kabale started two weeks back and ends tomorrow on the 20/05/2023 at 07:00hrs, with the shooting range exercise that will be at Kayumbu cell Kyanamira sub county Kabale district on retired Inspector of police Beyanga’s land along Kabale Rwamucucu road.

Police , has cautioned the members of public in that area not to panic because of the gun shots and funny sound that will be coming from that direction.

The public was asked to avoid access and movement during that time at that place until it’s done with.

Under the theme Knowledge is power, training makes perfect and experience is a good teacher.