Bushenyi Man Hangs Self On Coffee Tree


In the Bushenyi District, a 52-year-old man hanged himself from a coffee tree.

Beineki Milton, a resident of Ryakisire cell, Kararo parish, Kyeizooba Sub-county in Bushenyi district, was found dead on Saturday, July 1, 2023 at around 6am, hanging from a fresh rope fastened to a coffee tree.

According to reports, the deceased was a well-known drinker in the neighborhood and had recently divorced his wife. Bahwayo Ephraim, 83, allegedly told his brother Manyire Ham, a Kampala police officer, that he would kill himself, according to information that the deceased’s acquaintances have sent to Bahwayo Ephraim’s father.

When the deceased’s daughter went to dig on Saturday, she saw her father hanging in the coffee plantation. She told her grandfather, who then filed a report with the Rwentuha Police station under reference number SD 07/01/07/2023.

Police investigations were launched in response to Bushenyi D.E.F 004/2023, and a team of detectives and SOCO visited the spot to investigate, document, and gather pertinent information.

The deceased’s hanging rope was found and displayed, the body—which had no physical wounds and the tongue sticking out of its mouth—was sent to the mortuary at KIU Hospital for a postmortem examination.

A spokesperson for the Greater Bushenyi Police, SSP Martial Tumusiime, was contacted by our reporter and confirmed the occurrence while also stating that further investigation was ongoing.