UPDF officer shoots three,injures three more after strangling wife          


NEWS-Police in kotido has in custody a UPDF officer for shooting three people dead, strangling his wife and injuring three more people.

The suspect has been identified as Peter Lokia from Nakapelimoru village Kotido district .

According to police the incident occurred this morning in Nakapelimoru village about 20 kilometres outside Kotido town,it has left most residents and leaders in shock

Police report says officer Peter Lokidi, returned recently on leave from the 23rd battalion in western Uganda but allegedly developed a misunderstanding with his wife yesterday whom he strangled.

Police were called to the scene and arrested Lokidi. However, in the process of being taken into custody, he managed to grab a gun off an officer and fled before beginning his shooting rampage.

The councilor for Langaroi, Patrick Korobe  says he’s still shocked by the incident

The UPDF say they regret the act of their officer, promising to investigate the matter and take further action.