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Radio rukungiri

The Voice of   Development

 P o box 72 Rukungiri


Background Information:

Radio Rukungiri is a news, talk and entertainment broadcasting station operating in the 96.9fm MHz in the FM band. Its main studio is situated at Rwanyakashesha hill Republic Road, in Rukungiri Municipality, South Western region in Uganda. There is a liaison office situated on Karegyesa road, Plot 34, Rukungiri municipality.

Radio Rukungiri trades under Maendeleo company Ltd owned by Hon. Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi Katugugu and Canon Susan Muhwezi who are the Chairman board of Directors and Managing Director respectively.

The station started broadcasting in 1999 and operates, a 24 hour broadcast, seven days a week, covering local and international news, talk shows, and entertainment participatory programs. Radio Rukungiri invests in educational programming and investigative on air material.

Covered Areas:

Equipped with a safe, state-of-the-art, reliable technology, FM transmission systems, Radio Rukungiri covers an area of over and above 110 miles radius.

It covers Rukungiri, Ntungamo, Kabale, Kisoro, Greater Bushenyi, Ibanda, Kasese Fort portal, Kanungu, Eastern Congo, Rwanda, and some parts of northern Tanzania

This covers Uganda’s fastest growing areas in agricultural production, small and medium scale industrialization, with a listenership of up to 5 million people. The main languages of broadcasting are Runyankole, Rukiga, Runyoro and Rutoro. Other languages used are English and Luganda. The station is manned by some of the nation’s best media personnel in the broadcasting industry, with a blend of well-known names and upcoming talents.

This, therefore, endows Radio Rukungiri 96.9fm to appeal to both rural and urban listeners, young and old population segments. Thus Radio Rukungiri is a  reliable and effective Radio station to advertise with.


To be a leading vertically integrated entity and to generate a self-sustainable growth and profitability in the community.


To address basic social concerns like health, gender, education, sanitation, poverty alleviation, social development, water issues, promotion of democracy, culture, current affairs and entertainment.



Gen. Manager Radio Rukungiri

077-2 52 40 39/0702-918587