Our Presenters


Desire is renowned Radio personnel and is a Prime Time English News Anchor.

She Hosts a love zone Monday to Thursday 9pm to midnight, weekend favorites every Saturday 11am-2pm, and Tusingyize Mukama programs every Sunday 6-8pm.

Desire also Hosts omushaho waawe (health related program) every Wednesday 9-10pm.

She loves travelling to new places and meeting new people.

Rhona Desire has been in radio since 2005.


Micah Kamusiime is the passionate on news writing and reading in Runyakitara.

The desire to tackle community challenges especially in health, Education, Religious, and Social Economic Welfare forced him to take up journalism and become a voice of the voiceless.

He has been in radio since 2017.


He is a very talented Radio presenter who joined the media since 2011.

He hosts programs Ekirakutambire, sports and is the football commentator.

It is his love for his native language Runyakitara (RUKIGA) that made him commentate soccer in Runyakitara (RUKIGA) perfectly.

He loves making research, socializing with all sorts of people which make him be informed.


Ceejay hosts Friday dance mix which airs every Friday 10; 00pm till down and co-host love zone program 9:00pm-midnight from Monday to Thursday.

He is the production’s manager at Radio Rukungiri.

Ceejay Born from Kitojo Buyanja in Rukungiri district who is cool, humble reserved and respectful.


She is commonly known as Edith Ashaba who joined Radio Rukungiri in 2012, and is the head of the news department.

Edith is the English news anchor and hosts the Drive show 12-3pm Mon – Fri and the country take show Sundays 10-1pm.

She is so passionate about her work and holds a degree in mass communication.

Edith love adventuring and making new friends


Zac Anthlem is a dedicated journalist who is keen on exploring unexpected angles of journalism.

He started his career with V.O.D way back in 2017 October.

Zac is a talk show host, does mukurikyeyo program, Omuka Eboneire (specifically for local music) and he’s interested in helping the voiceless.


Ayebare Mathius well known as Mzee Kazekorerera (Dj Alex) hosts laala salama program Monday to Friday from midnight to 05:00am.

He has been working with Radio Rukungiri since 2018 but before was an Emcee.


Ambroz co-hosts laala salama program which airs from Monday to Friday midnight to 05:00 am.

He has been a news reporter for websites and radios since 2020.

Kweronda aka Capt. Ambrose studied journalism and mass communication and he joined Radio Rukungiri in 2021.


Robert Rwebiita studio name omwanawomujungu hosts Ekijungirzi (world news) from 4-5pm Monday to Friday.

He is a Runyankole news anchor, Hosts talk shows and ebyenzarwa (cultural program) every Sunday.

Rwebiita has been working with Radio Rukungiri since 2018.


Emmanuel Atuheirwe well known as Omuteganda Mwijukulu WA Lamuel co-hosts Ekirakutambire show from 10:00am to12:00pm.

He is the Runyankole News anchor, and reads announcements.

Mwijukulu WA Lamuel has been working with radio Rukungiri since 2020.


Brian started his radio career in 2019 with an entertainment radio show called Mukurikyeyo.

He is a news reporter at the same time Runyankole news anchor and hosts Friday and Saturday entertainment radio programs from 10pm till down.

Brian studied journalism and mass communication at YMCA Wandegeya Kampala and is currently head of (IT) at Radio Rukungiri.


Martin is well known as MT and he studied his O’ and A’ levels at Kitante Hill school.

MT studied Music, Dance and Drama at Kampala Music School (KMS) and has a diploma in journalism and mass communication.

MT co-hosts (the drive show) from Mid-day to 3pm Monday to Friday.

He is single and………. (Taken)